Review Board

About the Review Board

All submissions to Xchanges are sent to members of our review board, the members of which are listed below.  Each submission receives two readings by professional scholars whose research and teaching specializations lie in the areas of the submission's focus.  If you are a faculty member interested in joining our review board, please contact the journal editor by visiting the "Contact" page.

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2016-17 Review Board Members

Joshua Abboud
Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
University of Kentucky

Rebekka Andersen
Assistant Professor
University Writing Program
University of California, Davis

Karen Keaton Jackson
Associate Professor of English
Director, The Writing Studio/University Writing Program
North Carolina Central University

Molly Johnson
Assistant Professor Director of Rhetoric & Technical Communication
Eastern Washington University

Felice Marcus
Associate Director
American Culture and English Program
Miami University, Oxford, OH

Danizete Martínez
Assistant Professor of English
Department of Language and Literature
University of New Mexico, Valencia Campus

Rick Mott
Associate Professor
Coordinator, Technical Writing Program
Department of English & Theatre
Eastern Kentucky University

Jasmine Mulliken
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
Oklahoma State University

Kathryn M Northcut
Associate Professor of Technical Communication
Department of English and Technical Communication
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Timothy Oleksiak
Assistant Professor of English
Director of Writing in the Disciplines
Bloomsbury University of Pennsylvania
Pronouns: He, Him, His

Sarah Perrault
Assistant Professor
University Writing Program
University of California, Davis

David J. Reamer
Assistant Professor
Department of English and Writing
The University of Tampa

Steve Simpson
Assistant Professor of Communication
Writing Center Coordinator
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences (CLASS)
New Mexico Tech

Leah Sneider
Assistant Professor
Humanities Department
Montgomery College

Julie Staggers
Assistant Professor
Technical and Professional Writing
Department of English
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Stephanie Vie
Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric
Department of Writing and Rhetoric
University of Central Florida

Lynda C. Walsh
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Nevada, Reno

Justin Young
Assistant Professor of English
Director, English Composition Program & Writers' Center
Eastern Washington University