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 General Submission Guidelines

Xchanges accepts submissions in "traditional" journal-article format and as “webtexts.” The form of an author’s text should be at once comprehensible, innovative, and appropriate to the information the author is presenting. Text-based (“traditional”) submissions should be sent as Word attachments (".docx" format) and should conform to the APA style. Authors of webtexts should check for cross-browser compatibility and should make all efforts to ensure that links are functional and that markup is clean. "Traditional" article submissions should be "article-length," which typically means between 15 and 25 pages.  All submissions must be free of the author's name in the document or multi-media text itself, for the purpose of blind review.  

We hope undergraduate students, in particular, who are considering submitting to Xchanges will bear in mind that we do not publish research papers on subjects unrelated to the Writing Studies disciplines.  We publish work that engages with and supplements current research in the fields of technical communication, rhetoric, composition, Writing Across the Curriculum, and writing center administration and tutoring.  We know that many students in first-year writing classes and seminars complete final analytic research papers on a variety of subjects that galvanize debate in our culture.  Yet, these types of papers are not the kinds of scholarly studies that deal specifically with practices of writing and argumentation that we seek to publish in Xchanges, however interesting or well written these first-year Writing course papers might be.  It is a good idea for undergraduate students who are interested in submitting their work to Xchanges to peruse our past undergraduate issues, to get a sense of the level and focus of scholarship we have published in the past. 

All researchers whose studies involve human subjects -- from survey participants to interviewees -- must have completed the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process, and received approval, at their home institution.  This applies to both undergraduate and graduate-student submissions.  The IRB status of the project ("approved") must be mentioned in the submission.

Submissions to Xchanges are evaluated by the journal editor and the review board. Texts published in Xchanges are listed in MLA International Bibliography. Authors whose texts are selected will be required to submit a brief biographical statement.

Our next submission-collection deadline is August 11, 2017. Undergraduate and graduate-student submissions for the 2017-2018 publication cycle will be accepted until this date. In your email submission, in the subject line, please use the following conventions: "Xchanges submission, undergraduate" or "Xchanges submission, graduate." In the body of your email, include the title of your submission, the faculty member with whom you worked on this project (if relevant), and the university in which you are enrolled. If you are a graduating Senior, be sure to include an email address that is not your university email address. Submissions should be emailed to Dr. Julianne Newmark, at

Author Letter of Agreement

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